Our Story

In high school, five of us used to jam together in my parent's garage after school - we were really into punk rock back then. After we went to college, we continued to try to meet up over winter and summer breaks to jam, but that got less frequent as we got more involved with other stuff.

After college, our lives changed dramatically - some of us moved overseas, some of us got into an incredibly busy work schedule, and some of us got married.

There was physical distance between us and even if we were local, we could not schedule time for a jam session.

The memories of our high school jams were nostalgic, but thinking back also made us feel powerless at where the adult life has taken us - we all wanted to jam together like the old days.

So, we started JamHive - a service that bridges time and location; a place where musicians can rock on-line!

Our vision is to build a service for musicians to make music together regardless of physical distance and time constraints.